Combining Service - Precautions

*Before using Forwarding Service.

After you have applied for package combination, it is not possible to add other forwarding packages. Please check carefully your package combination application before submitting. If you really wish to add packages, the application will be canceled and you will have to apply again for the package combination service. Please note however, if you wish to cancel the combination, a bundled cancellation fee (JPY 2,000) will be charged separately.

The application time period for the combining service is up to 30 days after package arrival. Please apply within 30 days. (We will not accept requests after this time period.)

If the estimated total weight of a package is over 20kg, we will not be able accept the request for combining.

We do not accept sudden requests.
We start package consolidation the day after a request, in order of application. Usually, it takes 1 working day to complete the combining of packages.

In rare cases, the total package weight may be heavier that the estimated total weight in the "Forwarding Fee Notification" email.
When combining package, we may use cushioning materials so that the package can withstand international shipment. Due to this, there are cases where the package total weight may differ slightly.

We do not accept specific combining method requests.
"Please remove as much cushioning and packaging material as possible to make the package lighter", "collapse packages if you can, making it smaller before sending": As a result of requests such as these, we have had cases where damage has occurred.
Therefore, we do not currently accept individual requests regarding the packing method.
Also, we do not accept "gift" requests.

We endeavor to pack using suitable boxes for various item sizes. However, should we not have a box in a suitable size, we may pack using a different box from the online store you purchased your item(s) from.

Regarding the combining packing method
When combining packages, basically we use the same cardboard box that a package is delivered in. However, should a package be delivered in the form of a bag etc., we may use a cardboard box when combining with other packages in order to avoid potential damage or loss. If you have any inquiries on this, please contact customer service before payment.

There are cases where we will not accept a request as we determine that consolidation is not possible.
Should we determine that it is not possible to combine requested packages, such as unusually shaped items illustrated below or easily broken items, we may refuse the use of our combining service. In this case, we will send an assistance email a few days after your request.
Furthermore, even if we determine that packages can be bundled together, there is a chance that they may become damaged due to transport conditions in specific areas.

* Examples of items we often refuse *