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3 easy & practical steps!
1. Add your items to your cart then order your items (proxy purchase request)
2. The store will then deliver your items to Tenso JAPAN’s warehouse
3. Complete your shipping fee payment → shipping process complete!

★The following 1 & 2 handling fees will be charged by Tenso Shopping.
①Proxy purchase application fee 
JPY280 per order
*Handling fee is at flat rate JPY280 per order even if you bought multiple items from the same shop.

②Proxy purchase handling fee
You will be charged as below for Proxy purchase handling fee depending on the total of Item's price + Consumption tax + Proxy purchase application fee
For JPY1~4,999: Flat rate JPY200
For JPY5,000 or more: 4%

There are some cases where domestic shipping fee might be charged by Tenso Shopping for shipping from the store to our warehouse. If there is any domestic shipping fee, the domestic shipping fee will be charged together with the international shipping fee.
We appreciate your understanding.