Important Information

Please be sure to read the following before using Forwarding Service. *Revised: Aug 6, 2013

We do not accept any orders that have been selected with the payment methods of bank/post office transfer, convenience store payment or cash on delivery.

Orders that do not have the Forwarding Number (beginning with JT) filled in on the address label will not be accepted.

The Free Storage period for Customer's parcels received by TensoJapan is up to 180 days.After 180 days, all ownership and rights of the Customer on the parcels are waived.In addition, if it exceeds 180 days, the baggage may be discarded, disposed of or resold at any time at TensoJapan's discretion.

For orders containing items that exceed the size limitations, in addition to the shipping fee, a handling fee of JPY 2,000 will also be charged for the order. (Please understand that the shipping fees listed on our are fees page will not be applied.)

In case you need to return or send back your item to Japanese mail order site, domestic’s return fee (actual expense) & return handling fee of JPY 300 (JPY 500 for speedy dispatch) per package will be charged.

Lithium batteries cannot be sent to the following countries:
France, Germany, Italy, Mongolia, Malta, Somalia, Vatican City, San Marino
*As this may change at any time, please be sure to confirm details in the destination country.

Up to two items containing lithium batteries can be sent in one package. Three cannot be sent. Furthermore, please kindly understand that lithium batteries on their own cannot be sent.

There may be occasions where we will ship using a different shipping means at our own convenience. Even in this case, the fee for the selected shipping means will still be applied.