Appliance repair service

Japan is also skillful at repairing!

Join the economical & smart "REPAIR JAPAN Program" now!

  • A special plan of Tenso JAPAN enables the home appliances of our members to be eligible for the manufacturer's official domestic repair service anytime.

    • No conversation or input in Japanese will be required when requesting!

    • You can request from My Page anytime, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! The usage frequency is also unlimited!!

    • Also, We will repair forwarded home appliances free of charge for up to 3 years (for spontaneous failures)!

Members repair support service

• Plan Contents & Repair Support Service Fees

Support Plan Item Price
(1 Item)
Support Fee 50% OFF
Campaign Rate
(1 year)
(+2 years)
Repair Service
Home Appliance
Repair Service
Number of
repair request
1 Year Support ~9,999 2,000 1,000 × 2 x 1.2
10,000~ 3,000 1,500 × 3 x 1.2
3 Year Support 10,000~49,999 5,000 2,500 4 x 2
50,000~99,999 10,000 5,000 5 x 2
100,000~149,999 15,000 7,500 6 x 2
150,000~199,999 20,000 10,000 7 x 2
200,000~249,999 25,000 12,500 8 x 2
250,000~299,999 30,000 15,000 9 x 2
300,000~349,999 35,000 17,500 10 x 2

• Eligible Manufacturers & Product Categories

Recommended plans for those with these situations
*If you are not subscribed to a plan

    • A home appliance that you bought in Japan has broken. You don't know where to go to repair it and cannot speak Japanese either.…

  • *If you request repair from overseas
    You can't directly ask the manufacturer for repair from overseas.
    Customers need to bring the item to Japan by themselves.

• Recommended Plan…
"Every Plan"

You can easily request for repair if you join the Safe Plan.

Send a request in your language from the repair request form on My Page.
After you get an e-mail from us, print the form and send it with the item to the specified place.

    • The product you just opened doesn't work. It seems to be defective. There is no damage to the package either, but you don't know where to ask for a repair.…

  • *When the item has an initial defect
    Most of the time, you need to contact the manufacturer in Japanese.
    There are some manufacturers that don't provide services. International calls are also expensive.

• Recommended Plan…
"1 Year Support"

You can get an item with an initial defect repaired if you join the SafePlan, "1 Year Support".

We provide the same service as the manufacturer for forwarded home appliances.
The repair cost is free if the item doesn't have any exception clauses.
Even when it has to be paid, we will let you know the amount before the repair is done.

    • A forwarded home appliance broke two years after you purchased it. You want it fixed since you really need it…

  • *After the warranty period is over
    If you haven't joined the Safe Plan, you will need to pay for all repairs even if you bring it to Japan.

• Recommended Plan…
"3 Year Support"

You can get high-quality repair anytime if you join the Safe Plan, "3 Year Support".

If it is an item we have forwarded, we will repair breakages with unknown causes for free for two years after the manufacturer warranty period is over.