Introduction of
SF Express flights to China

SF EXPRESS shipments can now be requested to be sent via SF EXPRESS from your My Page.
There are restrictions depending on the contents, points, etc. amount of the package to be shipped.
For more information, please contact the Customer Support.


Destination China
Region China
Weight(g) Forwarding Fee (Shipping Fees)
Up to 500g 2,205
Up to 1,000g 2,491
Up to 1,500g 2,951
Up to 2,000g 3,585
Up to 2,500g 4,166
Up to 3,000g 4,834
Up to 3,500g 5,650
Up to 4,000g 6,276
Up to 4,500g 7,056
Up to 5,000g 7,637
Up to 5,500g 8,366
Up to 6,000g 8,904
Up to 6,500g 9,598
Up to 7,000g 10,094
Up to 7,500g 10,744
Up to 8,000g 11,195
Up to 8,500g 11,802
Up to 9,000g 12,210
Up to 9,500g 12,774
Up to 10,000g 13,147