Optional Services

Safety Guarantee Plus

At Tenso JAPAN, "Safety Guarantee Plus", a comprehensive after-sales service for forwarding items, is now available. Even if your forwarded item has an initial defect, you are assured of repair warranty. Also, should you suspect that an item you requested us to forward not be genuine, we will provide multilingual support for an exchange request at the store of purchase.


Basic Service:Multilingual after-sales support WEB system

【Safety Guarantee Plus Pack Fees】

Membership Fee
If the item retail price total amount is
JPY 20,000 or less
If the item retail price total amount is
more than JPY 20,000
JPY 300 per forwarding package 1.5% of the item retail price
(The payment amount is 1.5% of the original item amount total)

*Safety Guarantee Plus subscription is on a per package basis (per payment).

For example: If you had paid to have 10 items forwarded together in a single shipment
The suscription fee shall be the total amount of the purchase prices including tax of the 10 forwarded items multiplied by 1.5%.
*In this case, please kindly understand that you cannot subscribe for just 1 item.
Member Privilege 1

Initial Defect Warranty Service

Your item has eventually arrived but is defective and you can't use it!!

Items forwarded by us are assured of repair warranty if they have an initial defect!

After returning the item, should we determine it has an initial defect, we will provide repair or exchange for the same item at no cost.

*Defects due to spontaneous failures qualify.

Member Privilege 2

Genuine Item Exchange Service

You bought from a Japanese business, but what's this?! It's fake…

With Safety Guarantee Plus, we will provide you with assured support!

Should you order an original manucturer's product (genuine item) but receive a fake pretending to be from the original manufacturer, we will provide multi-lingual support for an exchange request at the store of purchase.

*This system does not guarantee the success of an exchange for a genuine item.

Member Privilege 3

Home Appliance Repair Service

Japanese appliances repaired in Japan!!

With Safety Guarantee Plus, Japanese manufacturer's will repair your home appliances!

We accept the repairs of home appliances purchased by the member on a Japanese e-commerce site or at a Japanese store. You can also request for the repair of items purchased before the service period! All popular home appliances such as PCs, vacuum cleaners and air purifiers will be repaired by original Japanese manufacturers.

*All related costs such as repair fees, shipping fees and handling fees are the responsibility of the member.
*This service is not a system that guarantees that something can definitely be repaired.
*When repair is not possible due to an item being a total loss etc., the faulty item will be returned to the member at their expense.
*Repair may be possible even if the item is the product of an overseas manufacturer. For more information, contact us through the repair service system and kindly wait for our response.

■ Initial Defect Warranty Service/Genuine Item Exchange Service: Eligible Items

  • Toys

  • Rackets

  • Shoes

  • Clubs/Bats

  • Brand Bags

    Brand Bags
  • Clothing

  • Diapers

  • Miscellaneous Goods/Stationery

    Miscellaneous Goods/Stationery
  • Others


■ Home Appliance Repair Service:Eligible Items

  • Cleaning Toilet Seats

    Cleaning Toilet Seats
  • PCs

  • Cameras

  • Vacuum Cleaners

    Vacuum Cleaners
  • Air Cleaners

    Air Cleaners
  • Watches

  • Weight Scales

    Weight Scales
  • Hairdryers

  • Others


■  Items ineligible for the service

All foods, drinks, medicines and items containing liquid or gas (please kindly understand that these are still ineligible even if there are included in the forwarding fee calculation).

■  Grounds for service ineligibility (example)

All items that are affected by external factors and are damaged, stained, leaking, etc., are ineligible. An item is also ineligible if there is a discrepancy between the declared amount at the time of forwarding and the amount on the purchase invoice, or if this is not submitted.

Safety Guarantee Plus, See the Terms & Conditions HERE

How to apply

① Please confirm the date of application and then prepare the below documents.

  • Documents for Submission

    Receipt / Manufacturer's Warranty /
    Packing Slip or Receipt /
    Exterior Packaging Photo / Other

  • Application Deadline

    It is necessary to apply within 7 days,
    including the subscription date
    (package forwarding date).

② When requesting for the Initial Defect, Genuine Item Exchange or Home Appliance Repair
   Service, please do so using the form below.

Safety Guarantee Plus Request for the Initial Defect, Genuine Item Exchange or Home Appliance Repair Service HERE

③ When we have confirmed the details of your request, our Tenso JAPAN customer support
   staff will contact you directly to inform you of this confirmation and regarding the following

If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact customer support. Make an inquiry HERE