Optional Services

Combining Service

Bundle packages together with our package combining service that is now available!

What is the Combining Service?

In this service packages delivered from multiple shops can be bundled into one package.
The application procedure is described here.
*Using our Combining Service incurs a handling fee.

Combining Service Precautions

*Please be sure to read before using the service.

Example: when sending three 2kg packages to the US

About Handling Fees

Along with the forwarding fee & forwarding handling fee, a "JPY 75 combining application fee" & a "JPY 150 combining handling fee *per parcel" are also charged.

Example: when combining 3 packages into 1

Under our current promotion, we will hold your packages for FREE for a maximum of 30 days.
If you want to combine packages, please follow the procedure below.
Also, please be sure to read the "Combining Service Precautions" before using the service.

  • Combining Service Application Procedure
  • Combining Service Precautions