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With the spread of new coronavirus infections, airlines have been suspending or drastically reducing the number of international flights from/to Japan since February.
Due to this decline of the transportation performance, Japan Post are suspending acceptance of international mail items destined to most countries except for some countries.
Accordingly, we have not been able to use EMS nor International Parcel Post to ship orders and as a result, we have been suspending many customers’ orders destined to most countries.
As for the situation of international mail service for each country, please check the below website for yourself.
Homepage of JapanPost International mail

We offer DHL and SF Express as substitute shipping methods. However, as the shipping fee rates are different from that of EMS or International Parcel Post, getting a quote on each order is required when using these shipping methods (and unfortunately, this process requires some time).
Also, there are occasions that we would have to ask customers to obtain “import license” on their own when using the above substitute shipping methods.
In addition, there are some severe restrictions with DHL and SF Express, and many commercial items such as food items, detergent and make up items cannot be shipped with their service.
Please kindly understand the above conditions before shipping your orders by the substitute shipping methods.

A forwarding service that internationally ships items bought on Japanese shopping sites such as Rakuten & Amazon Japan.

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Notices regarding forwarding service


◼ EMS and Air Mail Shipping to Malaysia has resumed.
Click here for details » (2020.11.20)

◼ Resumption and temporary suspension of acceptance, delivery delays of mail items destined to various countries/territories
Click here for details » (2020.10.30)

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国際転送サービス 業界最安!You can check international shipping (forwarding) fees.



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