◼ Notification regarding international shipping fee change due to extra additional fee for Japan Post EMS (starting from June, 1st 2021).

For the time being, Japan Post has introduced extra additional international shipping fee for EMS for some shipping destinations.
This is due to spread of Covid-19 reduces the amount of air transportation volume which makes the transportation cost suddenly increasing.
*Japan Post's notification (go to Japan Post's page)

Due to this extra addition fee, Tenso JAPAN also has to charge EMS's extra additional fee together with EMS' shipping fee.
*After change shows EMS' price after extra additional fee is added.
(click here for shipping fee)

Extra additional fee is applicable for Zone 2
・North & Central America
・Middle east

Please note that the shipping fee will change depending on when you will made your shipping fee payment.

We will deliver your package with before or after price change depending on the following schedule, please make sure to confirm beforehand

・If the shipping fee payment is completed before 2021 May, 31st (Monday) 9:00 AM (JST)
Before change EMS fee (without extra additional fee) will be applied. (Excluding countries where EMS parcel acceptance is suspended as of 2021 May, 31st Japan time)

・If the shipping fee payment is completed after 2021 May, 31st (Monday) 9:00 AM (JST)
After change EMS fee(with extra additional fee) will be applied.

While in general, the package that’s arrived at our warehouse will be registered at the same day the package arrived at our warehouse, it’s possible that we can’t register your package at that day due to cases such as too many packages arrived at that day, lack or insufficient information, etc.
Please make sure to buy your items with considerable time margin.

We appreciate your kind understanding.