We have changed our Japanese forwarding address (warehouse).
From now on, when ordering items, please register this new address.
※More details.

A forwarding service that internationally ships items bought on Japanese shopping sites such as Rakuten & Amazon Japan.

Notices regarding forwarding service


[Precaution regarding combined packages/packages that contain many items]

If you bundle many packages together into one shipment, the customs authorities may determine the following and charge the recipient customs duties.
*It exceeds maximum import amounts
*It is not imported for person use but rather for business resale

Please kindly understand that we assume no responsibility should you be charged customs duties or your items be confiscated by the customs authorities in your country. Please note that the amount for items confiscated is not covered by warranty.

[Important] Change of forwarding address due to relocation to a larger warehouse

Due to an increase in packages, we have relocated to a larger warehouse.
Next time, when ordering your items, please be sure to enter the new address below.
This address is the same for all net shops including Amazon and others. There is no need to enter different addresses.
Please kindly understand that processing will be slower at our previous address.

New Forwarding Address *Same for all online shops
Postal Code: 595-0813
Address 1: 大阪府泉北郡忠岡町忠岡南3-1514-7
Address 2: Your forwarding number beginning with JT.(e.g. JT0000000-01)
Phone Number: 06-6245-7385


At Tenso JAPAN, you can now choose your shipping method of preference!
On top ot EMS, Airmail, SAL & Surface Mail international parcel post options have now been added!!


All handling fees are free! Our new large warehouse opening campaign starts today!
Packages that arrive & combining requests made from 21 October (Wed), Japan time, qualify for the campaign.


The Tenso JAPAN site has been redesigned. We would like to notify you that, in accordance with this, the site domain has changed.

 Before change: http://www.jshoppers.com/forward/
 After change: http://tensojapan.jshoppers.com/

*Should you access the old URL, you will automatically be forwarded to the new URL. We are very sorry for the inconvenience but, if you have already registered our URL in your favorites or bookmarks, please update it to the new URL. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Forwarding Processing Status

(02-13-2016 10:39 JST)

  • Packages Registration:
  • Delivered on 02-13-2016
  • Combining:
  • Requests made on 02-12-2016

国際転送サービス 業界最安!You can check international shipping (forwarding) fees.



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*This is an estimate. Please also understand that , in accordance with the regulations of each country, customs duties may be incurred upon arrival in your country.